Anne Brooks, a Michigan State University alumna sister, currently serves as a doctor with a specialty in Osteopathic medicine, the CEO of the Tutwiler Clinic and a sister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in Tutwiler, Miss. At the age of 44, Brooks decided to become a doctor, a big change from her original career as a teacher and nun. She has currently been treating patients around the Mississippi Delta for approximately 30 years, and according to the Rural Assistance Center, “Seventy-four percent of her patients live in poverty.”

In addition to Brooks, several Roman Catholic nuns also serve alongside her. This team includes a nurse practitioner, a registered nurse, a licensed counselor and a community outreach worker that heads Habitat for Humanity in the respective area. Upon completion of her medical schooling, Brooks desired to settle down in a community that was in desperate need of assistance. Her eyes eventually landed on Tutwiler because of the poverty among residents and their inability to pay for healthcare.

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